Step 1: Invent a wireless toaster so you can eat Strudel anywhere.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit.


Step 1: Invent a wireless toaster so you can eat Strudel anywhere.

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Profit.

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Would you?


Would you?

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“It’s funny,” said Toaster Strudel. “I’ve never seen the beach at dusk before. It’s so peaceful— so beautiful.”

“It’s not half as beautiful as you,” replied Icing Packet.

Toaster Strudel immediately blushed. “You’re sweet.”

“No you are,” Icing Packet instantly replied as he intertwined his fingers into the open hand of Toaster Strudel and the two walked off into the sunset together both secretly hoping that this would be the start of a beautiful breakfast.

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The Toaster Strudel family is growing!

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Putting ALL the toaster strudel icing on just ONE :)

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A Spontaneous New Year’s Resolution

After a semester of neglect, I am returning to my blog.

I have been accessing my blog continuously now that I am applying for jobs and am a little depressed when I look at it. My blog is pretty out-of-date and does not do a good job of reflecting who I am or my interests.

Light bulb! My New Year’s resolution will be that I write on my blog at least once a day. I normally do not give myself resolutions but I know this is for the betterment of myself. On that note, maybe I should resolve to exercise more… Anyways, blogging about advertising, will help get me in the habit of learning about trends and what is new in the industry. Blogging about my interests will help those of you who stumble across my blog get a feel for who I am.

I am excited about this resolution and know that it will carry many benefits for me as I hunt for a job. 

Agency Review: McGarrah Jessee


This agency flies under the radar because they put the attention on their clients, not them. In fact, on their website there is no “about me” section. 

They only say:

"At McGarrah Jesse we’re proud of our clients & the work we do for them."

They are such a class act. This agency is very selective of who they work with. They meet with the potential clients and get to know them before they make the decision to work with them. They are selective so they can build meaningful relationships with their clients. Once they take on a client, they take over the full branding of that client. Mc-J tends to keep their clients for a very long time, which is rare in this industry.

Some of my favorite clients from McGarrah Jesse are:

Shiner. A client since 2003.

Who could forget their David vs. Goliath take-over at ACL in 2010. Pure genius. Many people waited in anticipation for the following year to see what they would do. And they did not disappoint. They had the Shiner’s Foreign Beer Exchange Program. Leave your foreign beer behind, in the trashcan or the port-o-potty, and replace it with an ice cold shiner.



Another favorite is Whataburger, also a client since 2003.

Their work for this brand showcases their love for typography. (It is also apparent with their work for Shiner) Also, they bring that at-home Texas feel to the work they do. You can’t compete with that, it’s not easy to emulate. 


Some of McGarrah Jessee Accolades:

(an uncommen award in the ad industry) 2011 Merit Award for Preservation given to the McGarrah Jessee Building.

They won a Silver OBIE for their Shiner/ACL “live” billboard.

They have won the Small Agency Award from AdAge.

Agency Review: Venables Bell & Partners


: an independent San Francisco advertising agency whose intentions are good.

Their philosophy:

"Our intentions are good."

They have two intentions: 1. Do right by our clients. and 2. Do right by our people.

I love their culture where honesty and respect thrive. That sounds like an oxymoron for the stereotype of advertising. This agency is a gleam of light in the darkness that looms over the advertising industry.

I visited this agency about a year and a half ago and was really inspired by what I experienced. They boast about their asshole detector, which makes sense because they are so down to earth. Also, there were hardly any solid walls. Everything was transparent. The agency itself is very open. They have a blog on their homepage for all of the new and noteworthy things that go on in the agency. 

A statement that stuck out to me on their website was:

We believe Integrity is actually a competitive business advantage.”

Man, oh man. I have been trying to say this for so long. I one-hundred percent believe this to be true. That is why an agency’s culture is so important to me. It is the foundation that great work can be built upon.

Memorable work by VB&P: (It’s so hard to choose! All of their work is awesome.)

Their work for Audi.

Who could forget their spot “Release the Hounds.” This spot is just smart and their strategy is clear. It cleverly embodies their target and portrays a strong message, “Escape the confines of old luxury.”


Their work for Slim Jim is always “spicy.”

Slim Jim

Just by these two campaigns you can see how diverse VB&P is. All of their work is impecable, not one style stands out.

Venables Bell & Partners Accolades:

(I found it interesting that they do not boast their accolades on their website.) Humble? I’d like to think so.

After searching the internet, I found that they have pretty extensive list of awards. Also, from visiting the agency, I saw a shelf from floor to ceiling of awards. So I know they have them.

They have won Clios for their work on Barclays.

They have been awarded the ACT Responsible/ACT Dove many times for their work with Montana Meth Project.

Their praises are often sung on Adweek.